Award Winning Steaks

Come and try one of our award winning steaks, matched with a glass of PTRSL exclusive Belgrave Lager.

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Elvie's Gaming Lounge

Enjoy the most exhilarating gaming experience in the inner city, with over 15 classic CRT slots to choose from.

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Committed to our Serviceman

Not just about sinking piss, PTRSL is still fully committed to providing shell shocked vets with $11.95 lunch specials.

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Message from the Club President

"Ara I wouldn't be fond of drinking but when I go at it, I do go at it awful and very hard. I do have 45 pints in about 2 hours, I'd have a packet of crips then and maybe an auld packet of peanuts.

And I'd go for probably, ara I'd have 10 more anyway, And then I'd get up the following morning and Maureen would have the fry on, And I'd go at it again and there'd be no f*cking stopping me. I'd take the shirt of any man's back. Bastids."